Many twists, many turns, many lessons. All of which on reflection, I am grateful for.

This year, in this 2020 year, such comments can be made about vision and knowing. Well for me, this 2020 year sees me celebrating my 25 years in practice.

All have brought me here. But for now.

Let's welcome in 1995 and my first tentative steps. 1995 - Henley on Thames - ITEC Anatomy, Physiology and Body Massage The first thing that has struck me is that 25 years ago when I started my studies, I was 25 years old. I remember the birthday card Dad sent me because it struck me of what a milestone a ‘quarter-century” was. That was the May before the September I started the course. Working full time in Educational Administration I loved learning and each term attended an evening class. Usually Ceramics or something creative but this time I took a 6-week Aromatherapy course. Granddad had been an amateur herbalist after retirement so I was used to using essential oils and herbs for traditional remedies to everyday maladies. And that small course led me to a higher qualification course, not really anticipating anything other than enjoying the learning and attending the course once a week for a year. One hour theory and two hours of practical, learning the science and the art of massage, I was in heaven. At school I had received A+ grades, not surprisingly for my artwork, I remember in particular the detailed drawing of the circulatory system and the ventricles of the heart. Annoyingly for my writing though, it was always B and below. So when I was told I was inline for a Distinction I was thrilled, only thing was, and I chuckle now, I didn’t gain it. I just couldn’t bring myself to wear the ‘regulation outfit’. All year the squeaky shiny uniforms, the scraped back hair even the authorised earrings just didn’t feel right to me, even then I felt a sense of ‘swimming in another direction’, for a different purpose. Studying alongside soon to be Beauticians I realised I wanted a deeper knowledge of how Massage sat within a medical module for good health not just for looking good.

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