Anything unnatural... not natural.  Words heard on a training day which got me thinking.

Those who have been following my story online will know that i can bang on about this subject, yet here i am going to keep it brief. If you have interest you can find more information, even YouTube videos, of me waxing lyrical about why I love Weleda, the company, the products, the ethos.

People + Planet before Profit

They have projects around the world, supporting farmers to produce the raw materials to make the medicines and products that grace their catalogues, the help you live better and with a better conscience, knowing that you have help in a healthy, supportive, sustainable supply chain.

If you think that 60% of what we put on our skin, goes in our skin, wouldn't you want it to be the best quality. So next time you choose a product, instead of thinking of your glowing face, think of your liver, your spleen, all that which is in your blood stream from a product you put on your skin. Studies have shown that trace elements can be detected in the urine an hour and half after application on the skin. Certainly makes you think