Better value or More convenient

Many companies are now moving away from loyalty schemes and choosing a model of monthly subscriptions. And I'd like to know your thoughts. After joining a leisure club in Ramsbottom recently it got me thinking, would our customers like the same?

My options were to set up a survey, but to be honest, i'm old school and if I could pick up the phone and call you for a chat I would, however I felt that would be an invasion of privacy. I think it comes from years of attending conferences, freebie bags stuffed with single use stationery and stress toys that stress you out by just gathering dust on your desk. If i do set one up I'd want it to be relevant.

So, instead I'd like to ask you to tell me how you feel about them? If through Prime Wellbeing you were able to access 'free' stuff, what would it be? to the value of? and how frequently? Would it be products? Services? Vouchers to attend classes with colleagues for activities such as Yoga or Nia, Tai Chi or Sound Healing? Try a new service at a reduced price? receive Weleda or Neal's Yard Remedies products?

We have lots of regular clients: weekly, monthly, seasonally and annually and i wonder, if I developed a subscription service, would you like to set one up? Answers received gratefully by using this link.