Birthday Blessings

Sitting at Driftwood, the wind gently bringing the sound of distant dogs barking, the whistle of the steam trains at Ramsbottom station, I take a moment now to reflect at this time of Beltane, a pause at the height of Spring. Summer on the horizon and winter a past memory.

Dave reminded me this morning of a conversation we had in the depth of winter, when the pipes had burst and the gas was frozen, huddling in bed with the electric blanket on, looking out on the field full of snow, ice patterns on the inside of the windows. I’d said ‘remember this time in time to come, when the spring is here, remember how rich this time of just being together has been’.

Walking up into the woods with Tess on our daily walks, a slow wave of new spring greens emerging each day, I will remember this, another in-between time.

Last weekend we built a geodesic dome, the frame now standing in situ, waiting for a cover to be made. Following our ethos of ‘re-purposed’ a patchwork cover maybe in the offering, however to be ‘fit for purpose’ we may need to make a purchase of a sturdy waterproof breathable fabric.

In time the dome will be a flexible space; a therapy room; a cinema; a workshop space; an art studio; a space to come back to ourselves in together through art, craft and music.

For now Im preparing to return to practice at Grange Hotel, wondering about unsettling news and feeling how diverse communities of people are becoming. In this unsettling time I’ll do what I do, holding space for everyone, meeting them where they are and asking them, not what is the matter with you, but what matters to you.

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