Branding? - what's it really saying

"Branding is the process of creating a strong, positive perception of a company, its products or services in the customer's mind by combining such elements as logo, design, mission statement, and a consistent theme throughout all marketing communications." Google Search on the definition of Branding

Working with Emma March of March Studio on our new logo is an ongoing process. The Consult Centre, who manage our social media, posed a very important question this week and one that must have been sitting with me. A question that gives me the opportunity to better define my intentions, which is really the most important thing.

I do believe it's not the 'thing', it's the intention behind the actions. I've often heard people speaking about addictions and how if it wasn't one thing it would have been another. Food might have replaced an addiction to drugs, sex to fitness fads, there are different degrees and different lengths we push ourselves in our pursuits. Therefore it's the intention behind the action, what's driving us for excess and from what lack does it come from.

Maintaining a level of balance for optimum health, is the interplay between physical health and emotional wellbeing. Emotional homeostasis is primordial, an attention-demanding feeling evoked by an internal body state driving behaviour aimed at restoring the body to its ideal state.

Whether we need to drink, to eat, to rest, to be active, our limbic response is remembered, reinforced to regulate the desired state. In order to change these behaviours, to create neural pathways we have to break habits to make new ways of being. Would you purposefully put yourself in harms way, to play educational roulette in the hope of learning something? In review of past experience resilience can be recognised, a more natural approach to growth to acknowledge out of adversity we can recognise new ways to be, new opportunities to celebrate and award ourselves on the score boards of life, which these days seems to be social media feeds.

Yet Social media platforms have become things in which we have become addicted. I've always seen my internet presence as a 24 hour online shop window, people can 'check me out' before 'checking in' and booking a session. And this is why I love working with Emma. Our new logo is in transition. Not set in stone quite yet. And with each new addition, the depth of intention will be expressed. A work in progress, which is what we all are at any point in our lives. We cannot see what is coming, yet we can dare to dream of what it will look like.

With that in mind, and with the support of both Emma and Ruth and her team at The Consult Centre, we'll continue to grow the Prime Wellbeing Foundation Brand, to announce all that we do. I introduce you to different concepts that you might never have known about. Why does the logo have 7 sides? What is the Vesica Pisces and why does Catherine where it on a necklace? And why is it central to the new logo.

I've had feedback on how the brand, looking very grounded and business like, doesn't reflect the holistic approach to not just my personal practice as a masseur, but to the profession I associate with, a profession I am passionate about. Yet it is this profession that I want to protect, from the extremes of addictive behaviour that have created toxic beauty offerings and harmful health options based on greed management. Too much? Far too cynical for one so young? I"ve seen a lot in my 26 year career and why i will fiercely defend the true integrity of what we offer.

All will be revealed in the coming months as our story of reemergence continues, when the time is right for us to reopen our clinics. In our prime location at Grange Hotel, Cumbria or in new locations being developed, in new ways of offering tried and tested formats for optimum health and wellbeing offerings, in collaboration for collective uplift.

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