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Walking in the snow through the woods I am becoming aware of myself returning to a place I have sensed for years. Unknown yet felt deeply. Like missing someone i've not met yet, then having the time to relish the effortless hours together when you finally meet, or collide in our case.

Let me be your inspiration in being hopeful.

Let my story inspire you to 'hold strong' and never ever ever give up

Let me remind you also that you'll need heaps of graceful humility

And the key? The crucial aspect is to make the space. How do you become aware of mismatch? Do you sense it in your mind? Do you get a feeling that something just is not quite lining up? Or do you feel it somewhere in your body.

Recently I've received feedback from a client. A client who is a highly qualified Conventional Healthcare Professional; delving deeply into a Complementary method is a new experience for them. The feedback, and I'm paraphrasing here, goes along the lines of becoming conscious on a visceral level of unlocking sensations in the body, tuning into muscles, bringing a sense of unwinding and a cognisant of emotions that followed.

From pain, to feeling fear, connecting to a relationship with money

Life enhancing and therefore life changing, from connecting deeply to emotions being released from taking time for awareness to present itself. With no expectations, holding strong in the faith that life will bring us rich rewards of which our souls know to be true.

I am a touch therapist

Massage for Body

Holding Space for Mind

and Deep Connection for Soulful Nourishment

My next steps are emerging. For now I will stand with both feet together, and when the time is ready I will step forward into new experiences with renewed vigour.

I am currently studying with Dr Rosy Daniel to become a Health Creation Mentor and approaching the time when we will need case studies. The Health Creation programme has taken me through it's paces over the last year and my life has changed in so many ways. Health and heart related, from single to sensational love affair, frightened of the future to forward focussed with passion and purpose, from scarred from the past to sacredly centred. We are a group of 10 'fledgling' mentors and we invite you to sign up to be a case study.

If you like my approach and have enjoyed visiting for treatments please do leave me a Google Review - when the time of our reopening comes I want to attract clients who also will benefit from my approach - Google Reviews -

In the meantime, if you want to book a phone call or video consultation to discuss Health Creation in more depth please get in touch.

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