Proud to announce...Wild and Green join Prime Wellbeing at Grange Hotel



Who hasn’t felt happier after a walk in the woods, connecting with nature? There is something soul soothingly simple about being in nature. 

Wild & Green Yoga is all about connecting with nature to enhance and simplify your practice through private reflection, and your personal journey working with your breath, mind and body. 

Nature based yoga is a slow, grounding and a deeply sensory experience. This sacred space and time allows you to really listen to nature and to yourself, listening to your body and being kind to yourself is a truly blissful feeling. 

Not only are there the strengthening and spiritual benefits of yoga, but by being present outside, or even seeing greenery from a window, can reduce blood pressure, heart rate, reduce anxiety, restore attention and energy, improve sleep, increase natural killer cell activity to fight illness and strengthen the immune system. Nature connection increases creativity and intuition and promotes sensory awareness with a mind-body-heart connection. 

Wild & Green Yoga focuses on traditional hatha based yoga, with chakra awareness, restorative and Yin style classes. Alongside meditation and yoga Nidra for a truly relaxing experience. 

Alex will be joining us for our 21st November Wellness Retreat - will you be joining us

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