The Gathering Times

Finding a flow in life is essential. Our own flow. To enable us to be all of ourselves.

The moon has it's cycles, as do the seasons and at this time when the moon is full I ponder. How different is the full moon in winter as at the height of summer?

We are made from stardust. The iron in our blood comes to earth from the cosmos. The macrocosm in microcosmic form.

This January I find myself reflecting on ideas yet to come to fruition. For many years I have had a dream of bringing people together in community, for purposeful living, living ours lives in a purposeful way not merely lurking from one experience to another for any kind of gratification. For status, for money, for spiritual uplift. What if you realised that your pleasure was created from a system in which others suffer? Would we cease our activity to find a solution that supports each person in a process of creating? Would we adopt a 'slow' approach to finding solutions or change our behaviours over night? Much is debated about 'ethical' and 'sustainable' business practice, yet what about 'personal ethics', personally sustaining our lives in mind, body and spirit.

Aonghus Gordon, from Ruskin Mill Trust, for 30 years has been forging relationships which help navigate all our senses into a way of being. Ruskin Mill has a core value...

"That each individual has the potential to shape their own future through experiencing meaningful relationships with universe, earth and people."

Much is discussed about 'holistic practice' both in the healthcare and business setting. Many people believe more research is needed to better understand how best practices can be implemented for a global arena, yet I believe we already have all we need, it's about applying it.

Being in the right environment is key to discovering latent potential, and environment is both internal and external and includes the places in-between.

In my work I see this occur in the spaces clients create, by making time for themselves to be held in a liminal state, exploring all their senses on the threshold of change.

The moon at its fullness invites us to acknowledge the peek of our performance, in this amplified state we can see achievements coming to fruition, as we turn towards harvesting that which has become into being. Embrace the spaces in between, both in physical 'doing' and in mindful 'sensing' to feel a way forward.

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