The tension of tenacity

The tension between things is needed, as with textiles, the tenacity to bring about form, yet too much or not enough is key, how do we retain the balance for optimum flow? When we notice an imbalance how do we recreate it?

In relation with others, we may have different perspectives from experience, unknown to others less aware of all the factors to be considered for a favourable outcome, so how do we navigate the relationship when situations change shape, when change is necessary to maintain a balanced approach?

Going with the flow, allowing things to emerge is as important as creating a structure for optimum achievements. The attitude of 'let's just go and see' is great when it's your day off but when you have a stack of 'work' to do it can be tricky without planning. This, if nothing else, is the hardest thing about being self employed and how being straight can seem too controlling to others yet knowing that without it we cannot create services that better suit the needs of our clients because things sometimes don't just flow together.

This week I'm sensing an inability of any positive change from being active, instead feeling as if falling into being reactive, to be ready to adjust my balance to give an appropriate response is the best way to be.

Returning to our practice, navigating needs and aligning our service, whether that is creating a therapeutic service in a new location or recreating an existing service at Grange Hotel, I want to ask you to think ahead, plan your days well and think about the part you are playing as we reemerge.

Yesterday I had a call from a client who left a message. Two hours later I returned their call to find out they had already booked 'another spa hotel'. Mobile requests have increased with 'can you fit us in tomorrow' enquiries. And then just now, a husband calling to arrange an appointment in June for his wife, 'I just want to get all the details in place'. Wherever you are in your 'forward plan', please do consider our service may need to change, to adapt to each environment, yet be rest assured, we are tenacious in our approach to make some beautiful offerings to be enjoyed and cherished and we are so looking forward to seeing you.

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