When your homework is Becoming True to Yourself

Working through the programme for Health Creation has been a journey, with subtle twists and turns, with not so subtle heartfelt learnings and instilling a rooted fire in my belly.

You often hear people saying 'it came just at the right time for me' and last March, when my clinic had to close, I delved deep into the monthly process of self assessments and calls with a mentor. Over the subsequent months I saw a sense of how the programme was helping me revive my connection to living a fulfilling life.

There have been dramatic changes, not the 'that's it, i'm going to join the circus and travel the world' type insights more an unveiling of deep desires to refine and design a lifestyle I've been knowing was possible.

Becoming True to Yourself is the principle I am working on right now. Homework assignments have been to 'rise rested', 'centre in' and 'i choose' affirmations to keep me focussed. What I love about the programme is the guidance the mentor has instilled in me to be my own guide, to find my own affirmations to dispel limiting beliefs and to return to a place where i am truly being more me.

Now we are drawing to the end of the taught aspect of the course I'm looking for people to be guided through the process themselves as case studies to hone my skills as a mentor.

Health Creation looks to address underlying health issues, either those that are current or in a preventative aspect. In looking at key areas of your life that effect your physical and mental health, considering your environment, key relationships and how you choose to live, you can effect your vital life force.

Each month you are invited to complete a questionnaire that creates a Picture of Health that assesses your Life Energy Factor. Between 30% and 70% can indicate a need to address health concerns to increase your vitality. Over 70% you have the opportunity to revive your lifestyle to maintain optimum health.

I am looking for 3 people to work with, and I have 11 colleagues who are also looking for a 6 month commitment to be mentored through the Health Creation programme.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch

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