Bespoke Service with Catherine

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We hope to be able to return in March 2021

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Deep Relaxation for Mind and Body

Combining mindful meditation and myofascial release techniques, this deeply restful session will ease tension

Indian Head Massage

Developed in the UK in 1994, Catherine trained with one of the first students of Narenda Metha, the blind osteopath who brought the technique to the UK from India

Holistic Massage

Holistic, Therapeutic, Tailored to touch and even maybe a bit of elbow where required, Massage is an ancient healing art.   It helps to relieves tension and stress, promoting relaxation and general wellbeing. It helps relieve muscular aches and pains, improves muscle tone, increases blood circulation and enhances joint flexibility.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage uses smooth heated volcanic basalt stones placed on key areas of the body used in this massage to ease away stresses and pains on a deeper level. Hot stone therapy promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation and helps to re-balance the physical body and emotional mind.

Holistic Facial Treatment

Using Weleda products, specifically developed for different phases of the skin

Family Days

Spending time with loved ones


Precise pressure applied to the feet in a flowing sequence for full body effect including foot massage

Treatments for Pregnancy

Tailor your massage the way you like it at your special time

We adapt our Massage with consideration for your pregnancy, in the pre treatment consultation we will assess which position better suits you, lying or sitting or a combination, assess what products to use (plain oils or specialist oil such as Weleda Stretch Mark Oil) to aid your mind, body and emotions.

either way, this hour session can offer any of these options, combining and tailoring your treatment

Back, Head and Neck Massage
Back and Legs
Back Massage

For Mum’s and Dad’s to be, massage in pregnancy, from pre natal to post partum, for all the family

Each pregnancy is different and treatments will be adapted to suit personal choice considering any issues you may be presenting with.