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Catherine Hunt Massage Therapist Prime Wellbeing

...and Prime Wellbeing is where it all comes together as a continuing lifetime achievement

Introduced to the world of plants by her grandfather, a retired engineer and self taught herbalist, Catherine grew up understanding our innate relationship to nature and all it's bounty;  from the homegrown blackcurrants and the weird smelling brown bags of dried herbs made into juices, teas, salves and tinctures. 


Catherine's first course as an adult learner was in Aromatherapy in 1994, a year later completing professional training in ITEC Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Body Massage in 1995 at Henley College, Oxfordshire.

Since then she has trained with some of the power houses of training providers such as Darien Pritchard in Bristol, JING Institute in Brighton and Bristol University, qualifying in advanced body work techniques and person centred counselling.  Now a Wellbeing Advisor for Weleda, she is studying deeper the aspects of anthroposophical medicine and biodynamics, both fundamental in her practice as a Wellbeing Practitioner.

Catherine offers 1 to 1 treatments, wellbeing consultations, group events and presentations