Finding a place to be…in Grange?

“So, in conclusion, we could say we develop a practice in order to continue the ‘curiosity’ of what we gain from having a practice?” Another fine morning coffee debrief with Alex, through friendship firm collaborative foundations emerge.

Whether that ‘place to be’, somewhere to return to, is nourishing a settled mind or noticing your body that knows how to breathe, these are all aspects of becoming more aware of our natural states of being. Maybe you have your things that you do, going for a run, walking the dog, sitting in nature, taking a class, that keep your body and soul in harmony. Those things that if you don’t get to do them you notice a shift, a change in yourself that can bring discomfort and disharmony.

For those who know what they gain from individual appointments or group sessions with me will know what they gain, and what their own rhythms of when are. Some people come regular on a monthly basis, fortnightly or every 3 months. And I am curious to know, if I where to reestablish a clinic in Grange, alongside or in place of the clinic in Arnside, would you want to restart visiting me? How often and for what aspect? What have you become aware of missing in not being able to have those regular sessions?

I have signed up for monthly session with Clare Hill in Kendal on a monthly basis for Shiatsu, something I have missed over the last 3 months of not being able to see her because life ‘got busy’. I realise that not seeing her meant I wasn’t taking the time to ‘return to myself’ in the unique way that always happens, reemerging back into the world with a different clarity.

As I sense the fullness of the year in Summer, this is something I yow to continue as part of my practice, alongside Supervision sessions, Continuing Professional Development Training, meditation time and walking my dog in order to keep my clarity around everything I’m offering, and wherever I get to offer it from.

Everything happens suddenly

One minute changes to another. There can be slow declines, you could see how it emerged with hindsight, but the sudden impact of change is just that, sudden.




occurring or done quickly and unexpectedly or without warning. 

And nothing prepares for the shock, the trauma, and the reason is so that the change it creates can be felt, logged, recognised, to be drawn on in time.

My focus as a health practitioner is around the vitality of the mind and body to weather the storms of human existence, the heightened emotions and to mitigate the potential body shock manifestations into illness.

When you next experience something ‘all of a sudden’ I challenge you to be very present as to how your body is reacting, what you are feeling and if you can sense that resonance within as is without. Drop the external drama and digest the truth of awareness from within. 

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Informed Practice

As many of you have experienced, there is something profound taking place in our sessions and a lot of clients are reporting how different their treatment with me was. 

By way of example, I asked a client recently to came for ‘healing’ – no movement with massage techniques, not even reflexology – a session in which to help me understand if through:

– the use of guided relaxation

– bringing awareness to breathing 

– plus holding at the ankles 

whether this would be effective for his condition.

His response was:

“I think a major difference between my own breathing practice and my session with you is that with you I was held. 

I think that is significant.”

I am working on how to better promote my practice and increase my customer base. Please can I ask for your support in helping me to do this well.

Numerous clients are telling me ‘that was more than massage’ and to help me capture what that means, please can I ask you

1. Why did you choose me? What led you to make that decision? Had you compared me to others? And if so, how come I won!

2. Do you experience anything different/special/unusual in your treatments from me that you could describe and be willing to share? Can you help me to understand what specifically you take away from your treatment(s) with me?

3. If you were going to recommend a friend, what exactly would you say about me and my treatments?

Thank you so much for your reply and support. This will inform how I promote myself going forward.

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The day I decided to renew my vowels was the day before the full moon at Yule 2021.

It was a gloomy day in Grange over Sands yet on looking up, through the wispy clouds I could see blue sky. It was one of those days approaching Yule that is murky, inviting us to go within, the spiralling down of the year.

I could sense the up cycle already, in the change that is coming, new opportunities and new ways of being. The writing has been on the wall for a while, new owners and a few lockdowns later, the inevitable is happening. I will no longer be at Grange Hotel, working my clinic for visitors and local residents. Gone will be a space, fostered over 6 years, a place for healing, holding space for welfare and wellbeing. Yet around all this I have choice, the choice to embrace and enliven all of my senses in order to move forward.

Yet I am aware in order to re-flourish I need to replenish, to take time to assess and adjust. Many years I have drawn on my inner resolve, intuition was telling me to stay. I am very proud of how I have been able to help all of those people I have seen over the years, to hold space for healing, for helping at the time of need or just as an in between time as a special treat. 

Where next will I find myself I will find out in due course and for now on this day of the first full moon of a new year, remembering Solstice 2021 I will relish all the sense I need to return in 2022 in vibrant and glorious replenishment.

And the vow that I will continue to re-enforce is that to be the practitioner I know I am and want to be. Many who have been to see me realise I am not a beauty therapist, a physio or your standard spa therapist, in using a combination of techniques enables me to hold space in other ways. 

My vow is to continue, wherever and whenever I’m needed