The day I decided to renew my vowels was the day before the full moon at Yule 2021.

It was a gloomy day in Grange over Sands yet on looking up, through the wispy clouds I could see blue sky. It was one of those days approaching Yule that is murky, inviting us to go within, the spiralling down of the year.

I could sense the up cycle already, in the change that is coming, new opportunities and new ways of being. The writing has been on the wall for a while, new owners and a few lockdowns later, the inevitable is happening. I will no longer be at Grange Hotel, working my clinic for visitors and local residents. Gone will be a space, fostered over 6 years, a place for healing, holding space for welfare and wellbeing. Yet around all this I have choice, the choice to embrace and enliven all of my senses in order to move forward.

Yet I am aware in order to re-flourish I need to replenish, to take time to assess and adjust. Many years I have drawn on my inner resolve, intuition was telling me to stay. I am very proud of how I have been able to help all of those people I have seen over the years, to hold space for healing, for helping at the time of need or just as an in between time as a special treat. 

Where next will I find myself I will find out in due course and for now on this day of the first full moon of a new year, remembering Solstice 2021 I will relish all the sense I need to return in 2022 in vibrant and glorious replenishment.

And the vow that I will continue to re-enforce is that to be the practitioner I know I am and want to be. Many who have been to see me realise I am not a beauty therapist, a physio or your standard spa therapist, in using a combination of techniques enables me to hold space in other ways. 

My vow is to continue, wherever and whenever I’m needed

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