I thought it was the effects of grief

Emergency surgery and three months of convalescence, I see now it has been so much more.

As I start to reemerge, many insights have visited. Many in the cold of the night, sleepless and shifting under the covers; others at dawn, revelations and realisations gently easing me into the new day. I feel there is much to do now that the emergency of ill health has ceased, and many thoughts to come as to what my practice will be in my returning.

During the last few years, many practitioners now walk different paths, some choosing to retire, others being forced to find other modes of income, many like me who see our ‘work’ as a vocation, there was never a doubt of not returning to clinic. So I know that I can rise again, like a Phoenix out of the ashes, renewed, refreshed with a sharp focus. And the question for me now is How?

One thing I know is that it will be a gentle return, to take the learnings and to go deeper into the unknown aspects of Why ill health manifests for us. There are many factors to be considered and sadly as our health system has other considerations, the psychological aspects of the physical manifestations aren’t readily addressed. I find myself in a period of rehabilitation, with support from associated charities instead.

Until ‘the way’ becomes clear, curating wellbeing events at Deershed in July and then End of the Road in early September will take my attention.

Gaining Pace – Spring Event Bookings

We now have soft delicate drizzle. You know the type of rain that looks really inoffensive until you realise how soaked you are. The snow has gone for now and the wood pigeons are quite frankly getting very frisky, Spring is certainly in the air and we are anticipating the intoxication of the smell of spring flowers.

Preparing for our next event, the second in our series of the year, we gather pace in our purpose, lining all the elements ups.

Anticipating Spring Flowers

Spring: Creating the Vessel

As we gather from our wintering, with memories of Yule, crossing through the gateway of Imbolc in early February, more light in each day.

For Summer growth to become Autumn harvest we bring forth in our intentions what to plant in ourselves, creating a vessel to receive inner wisdom, bringing acceptance and the sense of being perfectly imperfect, embracing the beauty of imperfections our own natures, gaining insights from nature around.

Our Spring Session will include quiet time for reflection, creative play and mindful movement – guided by Catherine and Alex, the day will run from 09.30- 16.00 on Saturday 25th February at Field Broughton, between Cartmel and Newby Bridge, South Lakes

Alex from Wild Soul Yoga qualified yoga guide, mindfulness walking guide & celebrant. 

Catherine from Prime Wellbeing Foundation, since 1995, therapeutic touch – compassionate conversations

Here’s the link to secure your place: https://primewellbeingfoundation.sumupstore.com/product/seasonal-session-spring