Being healthy is the harmonious balance of physical, mental and social wellbeing, not merely the absence of disease.

Wellness is the integration of growth and balance in our lives,   
Wellbeing is the way we actively choose to be well:  being well

Since 1995 Catherine has been building her career around caring for others. 

Catherine has a talent for tailor making Wellness Breaks, from individual sessions to group events, personal treatment plans and group activity days. 

With a team of experienced and highly qualified colleagues your wellbeing is our priority best suited to your preferences. 

Our offerings give you time for reflection and treatments that best suit your requirements.

massage techniques such as holistic for a whole body relaxation, swedish for a more vigorous effect, myofascial release for deep tissue with varied depth of pressure, hot stone for a truly soul shifting experience

Take a moment to slow down to return to your senses

all appointments are tailored to you as an individual, whether you like firm or nurturing gentle touch, if you have referred yourself or it’s been suggested, Catherine recommends a pre-booking chat to verify her approach is what you’re looking for

reflexology for a whole body effect from manipulation of your toes, feet, ankles for a deeply effective treatment for many lifestyle ailments: insomnia, hormonal imbalance, fertility issues and to maintain good health, returning to your body’s natural homostasis