Active Stone or Passive Ripple

Thoughts come freely when my mind is like a millpond. The profundity all encompassing. 

I imagined a stone and the ripples it created as it sank into the still water of my mind. 

One suggestion, many outcomes, shorelines of resistance. 

Whether we are aware or not, cause and effect is all around us and to become aware is within the process of a medical model millennia old

Do I need double blind studies? They help in establishing empirical evidence to classify the results to form categories from which medical model systems can be set, agreed and referred to. 

Do I need to create a new model to bring to my wider community in returning to practice? We could call it something like the Hunt Effective Learning Programme, see what I did there with the acronym.

Or do I, as this morning on a walk with Tess, into the woods, allow the sounds and scents of nature ease me back to my mental millpond. Will I take the learning from my reactions to maintain good relationships, neither reactive stone causing chaos or the passive ripple merely getting out of the way. 

And to bring these learnings into each day, to remember the lessons from the last few years. I didn’t learn a language, perfect fire breathing or now an expert on identifying mushrooms. What I have done is polished off my inner bullshit detector and laughed at when it’s pointing at me. 

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