Sensing Summer Timing

As i write this i’m looking across Morecambe Bay, the estuary waiting for the impending tide which will once again cover the golden sand and the glistening channel of the Kent River flow. Moody grey clouds threaten a garden party birthday celebration, indoor picnic option may need to be deployed.

Taking time gently this year, for many reasons, and finding a flow back to a more active life for a summer of events and activities. I’ve been noticing the length of the days and the abundance of light, particularly last night.

We had spent the morning at Arnide Knott with Delyth from The Healing Forest taking in the majesty of the trees, breathing in the breeze from the other side of the bay, basking in the wonder of taking time out to be in nature. If you haven’t ‘forest bathed’ you may find it a key to a deeper connection to yourself too. It’s a very different experience. To truly be able to ‘just be’, with someone else ‘holding space’ and ‘keeping time’.

Those are aspects we offer at our seasonal events – to allow the space to just be for a day, to suspend your concerns, to reawaken your imagination and explore what this season means to you.

Summer may be a happy time for you, with memories of abundant times. It may be a month of distress as pollen increases and our bodies react and cause issue with ill health. We may be plagued with not having a beach body yet, or other misconceptions of how we are in the world.

For me summer is a time when i’m usually very busy looking after other people’s happy times and this year i’m so very aware of how my life has been scaled down of late.

Embracing it all and allowing the process of life. I’ve just read ‘If Woman Rose Rooted’ by Sharon Blackie and feeling the inspiration such seminal pieces can offer. She reminds us in the last section of Marion Woodman’s description of the fierce crone, something i am aware of becoming myself…

“She is not withdrawn. She is alarmingly present. Like a tuning fork her truth shatters hypocrisy. Others in her presence are released into what is true in themselves. Or flee”

Sharon welcomes us to remeber this when necessary and to become fierce. Be wrathful. And that it’s not about gender – we are all feminine and masculine – our polarities require that sense of awareness in order to balance into ourselves as individuals. And if we sense this in our coming together, how much more beautiful life is when shared with people to whom we feel we can trust to be ourselves with.

Saturday 4th June is the date set for our second seasonal session and you would be most welcome to join us.

details here to book your place – Autum and Winter details – and dates for 2023 are as follows: 25th Feb, 27th May,30th Sept and 9th Dec – all following the cycles of the seasonal moons of new, waxing, full and waning, engaging with the natural flow of life

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