The more clear you are the clearer it is

Whenever you celebrate, make the day your own.

January Full Moon last night on 25th saw me celebrating Imbolc at our new Full Moon group. No photos to share, no special social media group page – just 6 women coming together, sharing laughter, deep connection and amazing herbal tea. Many will celebrate Imbolc, the turning towards Spring, Candlemas, St Brigid’s day on the evening of 31st or 1st Feb, may you make it your way.

My way this year will be to restart at New Moon, end on Dark Moon, to notice the rhythms, routines which become rituals. Why do we have so many and what do they mean to you? Expressions of our faceted selves, there are many to resonate with, whichever you want.

Think it – Feel it – Live it

Bring to yourself that which you want. So one of my rhythms is to plan, to be purposeful and each month before Dark Moon, after the review time of the moon at Last Quarter, a time to turn towards a bringing it all together, a time to turn away, to prepare for the renewal of New Moon and another cycle within the cycle.

At Yule, from 25th December after the sun had rested for 3 days from the Solstice, until 6th Jan, I took time each day to look back to 2023 and to look forward to 2024. I wrote “will I take this time to prepare for the anniversary of emergency surgery?” Take time to approach the memories well, to release any residue that may remain, to look towards living life post illness with a refreshed purpose.

Renewed in my resolve to welcome all the annual celebrations to come. Lunar celebrations instead of those on the calendar, it’s feeling great so far.

Here are the dates should you wish to notice them too

Full Moon 2024 – Lunar Celebrations

Thurs 25th Jan IMBOLC
Sat 24th Feb
Tues 23rd April BELTANE
Thurs 23rd May
Sunday 21st July LAMMAS
Mon 19th August
Wed 18th September AUTUMN EQUINOX
Thurs 17th Oct SAMHAIN
Friday 15th Nov
Sunday 15th December SOLSTICE